tiny-pink-swooshHi, She LOVED it!! She wears it all the time. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. Hopefully we can all get together soon.
Happy New Year!!!!!

tiny-pink-swooshIt is hard to describe the impact that my mom’s piece has had on our family. The piece is so unique and beautiful, but it also signifies hope and inspiration. It is a beautiful piece of jewelry and also a treasured piece of art. The pink signifies our battle with breast cancer, and the heart was designed as a reminder of love and support. I will never forget the expression on my mom’s face when she realized it had been designed just for her! It is a “gem” we will keep close to our hearts forever. Thank you “Fork in the Road”!

tiny-pink-swooshThe Italian horn necklace is beautiful and happens to be a direct link to his heritage which is something he is very proud of. It is also a reminder of a dear friend. He loves it and wears it as a reminder that he is a survivor. Thank you again.